Thursday, September 14, 2023
MultimediaShocking footage shows holiday-goers in mass brawl with hotel staff after waiter...

Shocking footage shows holiday-goers in mass brawl with hotel staff after waiter allegedly slapped teen’s bum

SHOCKING footage shows holiday-goers in a mass brawl with hotel staff after a waiter allegedly slapped a teenager’s bum.

The fight allegedly occurred late last month at the Mirage World Hotel in ?çmeler, Turkey, after a bar man slapped a 15-year-old English girl’s behind.

Alleged guests have claimed that a male relative of the English teen stepped in and began attacking the bar man following his assault on the girl.

However, they added that this then led to a mass of ten staff members attacking the Englishman – with one even launching a chair.

The shocking footage, captured by an unknown Brit, shows a group of holidaymakers screaming as a member of staff can be seen landing a punch on a holiday-goer – in front of the alleged hotel manager.

The song Get Up (I Feel Like Being a) Sex Machine by James Brown can be heard playing in the background as the fight escalates.

The pair are brawling inside a circle made up of both holiday-goers and staff as the fight continues to get heated, with more members of staff jumping into the scrap.

Angry guests can be seen pushing the pair to the side as well as others who appear to have joined in whilst another member of staff can be seen getting pulled away by a guest.

The fight appears to dilute for a second until a member of staff charges into the man, before his colleagues jump in and savagely take turns to land punches.

Meanwhile, the cameraman appears to be savouring the moment as he laughs at the sight, repeatedly saying “Oh yeah” as the fight goes on.

A member of staff then pulls out a black chair and swings it over his head, throwing the chair into the chaotic mass of brawlers.

The cameraman can be heard saying: “Oh, chair’s out.”

A guest then returns fire, throwing a chair back in the direction of the staff member, leading to a slew of furniture being thrown around as others scream at the terrifying situation.

The initial fighting holiday-goer then raises his arms to goad the staff on, who appear to be walking away.

Some of the alleged staff landing punches on the man.
Pictured: The alleged staff landing punches. (C) Facebook.

However, other guests attempt to further defuse the situation, pushing him away in the other direction

One man appears to be falling unconscious as a result of the fight while a friend tries to hold him up.

The cameraman remarks: “Someone knocked out.”

One mediating member of staff appears to come over to check that the man is okay as the fight ends and everyone disperses.

The footage was shared by Sean Ray earlier this month, who wrote: “Mirage World Marmaris Turkey – young 15-year-old girl’s backside groped by male worker.

“Check out how this escalates and how managers do nothing. This was this week; I’d be asking questions with your travel agent if coming here.”

The post received over 4,800 likes and 4,000 comments as many outraged viewers were quick to share their horror at the brutal fight.

Mark Chamberlain wrote: “Hope they’re all sacked.”

Eddie Smith said: “The music! ‘Stay on the scene like a sex machine.’”

Emma-Marie King commented: “The poor boy at the end couldn’t even stand.”

June Bellenie added: “Every one of them – waiters or workers – involved in that needs to be sacked. They would be out that gate bag and baggage if I was boss.

“As for slapping a young girl’s backside, well, no change there. All this disgusting behaviour. Remember: fight with one, fight with lots. These people all stick together.”

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