Thursday, September 14, 2023
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Woman travels over 3,000 miles to attend Scots wedding – only to find out she’s at the wrong one

A WOMAN made a huge blunder after travelling over 3,000 miles to attend a wedding in Scotland – only to realise that she was at the wrong one.

Arti Mala had made the 12-hour flight from her home in Washington, D.C. in the USA to Glasgow on Saturday to attend the wedding of her relative Keshav.

However, upon arriving at Pollokshaws Burgh Hall, Glasgow, Arti soon hilariously discovered she was not in fact attending Gaurav’s wedding, but the ceremony of two strangers called Caitlin and Stephen.

A video shows Arti’s gaffe in its entirety, and begins with her looking mortified as she stares at the camera.

The on-screen text reads: “POV: You travelled more than 3,000 miles and accidentally showed up to the wrong wedding.”

Arti dons a green traditional Punjabi dress as the camera pans round to show the welcome sign at Pollok House which reads: “Caitlin and Stephen. 12.08.2023. Thank you for sharing our special day with us.”

The camera then zooms out to show Caitlin’s brother with a pint in his hand as he drunkenly jests: “You’ve come to Scotland from America and came to the wrong wedding.”

Arti is left in fits of giggles as she replies: “Yeah. It’s true.”

Stephen, the groom, chimes in as the camera pans onto him: “My wedding”

He then points to his bride Caitlin and says: “And her wedding, actually.”

The welcome sign.
Arti was let red-faced when she discovered her blunder. (C) Arti Mala.

Arti is choked with laughter as she says: “I’m at the wrong wedding!”

The camera then pans to show a red-faced Arti, who appears to be in the Uber.

The on-screen text reads: “Finally caught an Uber to the right wedding, missed the speeches, though.”

The camera then shows the correct wedding, where guests are clad in kilts and traditional Punjabi outfits, dancing in a conga line as a mix of Scottish and Punjabi music plays in the background.

Displayed text reads: “Scottish fam understood the assignment.”

Arti’s mistake came when, upon ordering an Uber from her Airbnb, she had set the destination as Pollokshaws Burgh Hall in Glasgow’s Southside.

However, the wedding she was looking for was in fact taking place at the similarly named Pollokshields Burgh Hall.

Luckily, the correct venue was just a six-minute drive away meaning that after a chuckle with the couple whose wedding she’d inadvertently crashed, Arti was able to hop back into an Uber to the correct place.

The correct wedding.
Pictured: The right wedding, (C) Arti Mala.

Arti took to social media to share the footage on Monday, writing: “Congratulations, Caitlin and Stephen. Thanks for being such good sports and inviting me in for a drink.”

The video received over 34,200 likes and dozens of comments from viewers left in stitches by Arti’s slip-up.

One person wrote: “Somewhere in this story is your future husband, even if you’ve got one now.”

Another said: “Pollokshaws Borough Hall and Pollokshields Borough Hall. Easy mistake to make.”

A third joked: “You Outlandered yourself.”

A fourth added: “”The (polite) Wedding Crasher’ would make an amazing movie.”

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