Thursday, September 14, 2023
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Hilarious video shows two girls and one pup as they try to find a flatmate in London

A HILARIOUS VIDEO online shows two girls as they offer a walkthrough of their life to try and find a new flatmate.

Beth Thomas and Molly Cookson live in Wansborough, London decided to take their search online earlier this month and offered up a list of requests that any future flatmate might wish to have.

The girls opted to create their video whilst paying homage to one of the United Kingdom’s most well known talent shows – The X Factor.

The video begins with the music to the well-known talent show playing as Beth,31 and Molly, 27, posing whilst holding up a drink, saying: “We’re looking for a new housemate.”

The pair then continue their monologue by explaining why they are making the video in the first place, saying: “That’s right two girls, one pup are looking for a third bandmate to join the house of silliness and shenanigans.”

The clip then shows the pair as they cuddle their dog, a dachshund named Frankie while they point to the screen and ask the people watching the video to recommend their friends and family.

The humourous clip showcases classic 90’s sitcom Friends before showing a family tree and a stock photo of two business people and a couple kissing in front of a sunset.

The pair then showcase the bedroom which is available for the lucky winner of the search – a double bed on top of a wooden floor with a rug and a mirror with potted plant alongside the word namaste.

Molly and Beth continue their voiceover saying: “Applicants must be fun, silly and rambunctious and most importantly a dog lover as Frankie runs the house.”

The girls then move into the kitchen where they request that their future housemate is adapt at making a certain type of breakfast food.

The girls say: “Ideally, (the person) would have perfected the art of making scrambled eggs as Beth can do fried, Molly can do poached and so all other egg applicants need not apply.”

The video then shows a photoshopped picture of the former judges of the X-Factor having their faces replaced by Molly, Beth and Frankie’s.

They continue: “We’ll be inviting successful applicants to the judges houses to discuss the property and your suitability to the role ahead of the live shows (moving in date) in August.”

The girls then sign off on the video by taking it in turns to finish the sentence, saying: “If you or anyone you know fits the bill for this then tag them in the comments below.”

The TikTok video has been liked by more than 14,000 social media users as well as receiving dozens of comments.

One user wrote: “If only I lived in London.”

Another said: “Literally just been sat looking on spare room for somewhere in SW London – it’s fate!”

A third commented: “Omg! I just got myself two new flatmates, this would have been perffffft.”

Another replied: “Can I leave my husband and move in with you guys?”

A fifth responded: “Frankie photo shoot reveal please.”

Speaking today Beth and Molly said: “We started our TikTok @2_girls_1_pup earlier this year, as a space to share everything from our dating disasters to 9-5 struggles, and generally the trials and tribulations of life as working girlies in your 20/30s in the big city.

“As such we’ve built an amazing community of super fun, sweet and likeminded people going through similar things.

“This summer we’re looking for a new housemate and rather than go through the usual SpareRoom struggles, we realised we already have a readymade community of amazing people.

“We’ve seen first hand the power of TikTok for bringing people together and thought it would make a great origins story for a new pal.

“A room in our flat is becoming available over the summer as our current housemate is very selfishly moving in with her boyfriend (joking of course, we’re super thrilled for her).

“We love living in a vibrant house with friends popping in and out, and also absolutely love our flat itself so wanted to stay as a three where we are.”

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