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Small world moment High School Musical actor spots Marvel stars Tom Holland and Zendaya on date in random London street

THIS is the “it’s a small world” moment High School Musical actor Bart Johnson spots fellow actors and Marvel superstars Tom Holland and Zendaya on a stroll down a random London street.

The 52-year-old American was walking around the streets of Richmond, London yesterday as he documented his travels live on Instagram.

Whilst walking along Richmond Road, Johnson passes the Odeon cinema whilst deep in his vlog, initially totally unaware that the famous couple have just walked past across the road.

The video begins with Johnson, most notable for playing Zac Efron’s dad – coach Jack Bolton – in the High School Musical series, setting the scene for his followers.

Johnson stands outside the Odeon cinema as he says: “Hey, look where I’m at, I’m in Richmond, you know what Richmond has besides this awesome theatre?

“It’s Ted Lasso’s town, Ted Lasso lives here. What a charming little town here, Richmond,

The clip then cuts to Johnson wandering down the street post-realisation of who has just walked past, as he reveals: “You want to know how small a world it is?

“So guess who was walking on the other side of the street whilst I was making that video right there.”

Johnson then turns the camera around, pointing it towards a zebra crossing on the other side of the road.

He continues: “Zendaya and Tom Holland. Hey guys, hey we’re all in Richmond, isn’t that fun.”

The clip then shows Bart walking down the street whilst being filmed by a pal as he sips a drink.

The cameraman then turns the camera around to reveal that walking just a little further ahead of them are the A-list couple.

Zendaya, dressed in all black, has her arm around Holland’s shoulders, who is himself clad in a pink t-shirt, dark cargo trousers and a baseball cap.

The co-starring pair seem to be unaware that Johnson and his pal are just behind them, as they wander nonchalantly down the street.

Johnson’s unidentified companion says: “Look how crazy this is, just walking around London and Zendaya and Tom Holland [are] right there – that’s wild.”

In a final clip recorded after spotting the pair, Johnson jokes: “I’ve got to tell Zendaya, hey you dated my son – kind of.”

Johnson’s quip is in reference to Zac Efron and Zendaya’s performance in the film The Greatest Showman where the latter served as a love interest for Efron’s character Phillip Carlyle.

Johnson’s clip has attracted dozens of comments from viewers who were delighted to see their favourite celebrity couple out and about in public.

One user wrote: “Phew new Tomdaya content.”

Another wrote: “I hope they stay together forever.”

A third said: “God, I Love them.”

Another commented: “Love birds.”

Zendaya and Holland keep their relationship under wraps and are rarely photographed together since they started dating in 2021.

The pair reportedly moved in together last year, buying a six-bedroom home in Richmond for £3m, before carrying out £250,000 worth of renovation works.

Spiderman star Holland has recently starred in the psychological thriller Apple TV mini-series, The Crowded Room.

Zendaya meanwhile will star in Dune: Part Two, the sequel to 2021’s epic sci-fi Dune, which is set to release in November this year.

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