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Savvy holiday-goer shares life hack for wine lovers after uncorking bottle with hair straighteners

A SAVVY holiday-goer has shared a genius life hack for wine lovers after finding herself with an unopened bottle of wine, but no corkscrew.

Emma Burns was holidaying for her birthday in Majorca on Monday, when she decided to end the belated celebrations with a glass of wine.

Emma Burns and partner James Wong.
Pictured: Emma Burns and partner James Wong. (C) Emma Burns.

The 36-year-old was left gutted upon finding the hotel bar was closed though, so dashed to a local shop to buy a bottle of Bach white wine – but soon discovered there were no corkscrews to open it with.

Emma, from Essex, was undeterred however, opting to use a neat trick she had been told – using her hair straighteners to pop the cork out the bottle, leaving her free to enjoy her well-earned drink.

After hearing of the trick from a fellow holidaymaker, Emma had dashed back to the hotel room she was sharing with partner James Wong, and raked through her suitcase to find her straighteners.

Heating them up and gently clasping them to the neck of the bottle, Emma was left amazed when the cork soon popped out.

An image shows the bottle sitting on Emma’s hotel bedside, table before a further snap shows Emma’s straighteners clasping onto the neck of the bottle, with the cork still wedged inside.

A final image shows Emma happily sipping a glass of the wine after a successful mission.

She took to social media yesterday to share the unique lifehack, writing: “When you’re on holiday and buy wine from outside the hotel…I ask at reception if they have a corkscrew.

“They say, ‘Sorry, no’ but someone tells you a hack using your hair straighteners – why not, let’s give it a go.

“It only f***ing works!”

Emma using the straighteners to open the bottle.
Pictured: Genius Emma using her genius lifehack with the straighteners. (C) Emma Burns

The post received 2,700 likes and 934 comments as many stunned people shared their thoughts on the lifehack.

One person wrote: “This would have saved us a lot of effort in the past.”

Another said: “Not all heroes wear capes.”

A third commented: “I never knew this. Many, many a night out as a student and not having a corkscrew and having to cork the bottle (pushing it down into the wine bottle using a wooden cooking spoon).

“This hack would have saved a lot of valuable drinking time.”

A fourth added: “Another life hack – maybe the best yet.”

A fifth wrote: “This is life-changing.”

Speaking to Emma today, she said: “So, we’re currently in Majorca, all-inclusive. The bar closes at 11:30pm.

“Me, being the Essex girl – loving my wine late at night – we went down to a local shop and bought a bottle of wine. I came back to the room later on, after everything shut down.

Emma with her glass of wine.
Pictured: Emma with her well-deserved glass of wine. (C) Emma Burns.

“I went over to my bottle of wine and I needed a corkscrew. The other half was half-cut anyway, so he wasn’t much help asleep!

“I said I was going to go downstairs to reception to get a corkscrew. So, there’s me, walking down to the hotel, bottle of wine under my arms, go to the reception ask for a corkscrew.

“They said they don’t have one, everything’s all shut off but there’s two people that turned up or they were leaving and the guy told me to use the straighteners hack. He said it might take you a while.

“I said perfect. My straighteners were in my suitcase.

“I came up to the room, put my straighteners on, holding the on the wine bottle and my other half just looked at me very confused, like ‘What are you doing?’

“I was like, ‘Here’s a hack. It’s going to get my bottle of wine open.’

“It probably took between five and ten minutes for it to work and then the corkscrew slowly started to rise up and it made a really loud pop and this girl was able to drink her wine.

“It was such a loud pop, it shot up in the air and nearly hit the roof and woke James up.

“The bottle did get quite warm but it was only the neck of it, so the rest of it was still fine but at the end of the day, I don’t care if it’s warm or not.”

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