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Scots left stunned after tourist snaps photo of “ghost” in window of popular castle

SCOTS have been left stunned after a man claimed to have accidentally taken a photograph of a supposed ghost in the window of a popular castle.

Mark Williams had been holidaying at Melville Castle Hotel in Edinburgh last month when he was taken aback by a bizarre entity captured in the background of one of his photos of the building.

Mark Williams.
Mark Williams. (C) Facebook.

The paranormal enthusiast from Brigend, Wales claimed to have stayed in room 107, adjacent to room 106 – allegedly the most haunted room in the building.

He added that there had been no statues decorating the castle’s many rooms or any other items that could appear prominently in the photo, leaving many to question what the spooky sighting really was.

The image shows the grand exterior of Melville Castle Hotel, standing proudly with a tall turret dominating the middle of the photo.

It is broad daylight in the photograph as thin clouds fill the otherwise blue sky, whilst orange gravel can be seen leading to the front of the castle, as well as shrubbery filled with colourful foliage.

From a first glance, the exterior facade of the castle appears to be empty, with no other guests visible in the unusual photograph.

However, upon closer inspection, in a far-left window on the upper landing, there appears to be an unusual presence which some could argue is a face.

The castle.
Can you spot the ‘ghost’?

The outline of a nose and facial bone structure appear to be visible as a ‘ghostly’ figure looks back at the camera, with no body connected to the head.

Mark took to social media to share his findings, with many agreeing that he had in fact spotted a ghostly figure hidden in one of the windows of the castle.

He wrote in the post: “Love all things ghostly. I took this photo.

“We stayed in the room on the left of the turret on the second floor. If you blow up the photo, there is something odd in the next room across – looks like a face.”

The post received dozens of likes and comments as many paranormal fans were left scratching their head by the “spooky” image.

Catherine Nicolson wrote: “Holy f***er were my first words. [I] nearly fell off my stool. Nearly crapped myself. That is so clear. Brilliant capture.”

A close-up of the alleged ghost.
Pictured: The alleged ghost. (C) Facebook/Mark Williams.

Hilary Nettleton said: “Definitely looks like a face. Spooky!”

Mandy Thomson commented: “Wow. Amazing. If you look in the very top window in the middle and brighten up the screen it looks like there’s a ghostly figure on the stairs case.”

Carron Mcneil added: “Looks like a face hiding in the shadows.”

Jill Kernan wrote: “Definitely looks like an impression of a dark figure holding something.”

Melville Castle is a 33-bed mansion that was first built between 1786-1791 for Henry Dundas, the first Viscount Melville.

It was owned by the Dundas family until World War Two, when it changed hands and became an army rehabilitation centre.

It later fell into disrepair but was restored as a hotel and popular wedding venue in June 2003.

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