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Shocking footage shows woman berating tourist for car engine running – before allegedly stealing her motor’s keys

SHOCKING footage shows a woman berating a tourist for having her car engine running – before allegedly stealing her car keys and running off.

Charley Jenni was visiting Hayle Beach in St Ives, Cornwall as part of a road trip across the UK last Tuesday, when she made a stop to charge her phone in her car.

It was then that the 20-year-old was approached by a stranger who proceeded to confront her for “polluting” her home, and unleashed torrents of bizarre abuse before apparently stealing her car keys.

Shocking footage shows Charley, from Kent, sitting in her car as the unknown woman shouts at her through her driver-side window.

Loud music can be heard blasting in the background as a stunned Charley attempts to argue back with the woman.

While much of what the woman says seems unintelligible due to the speed she is delivering it at, she appears to be accusing Charley of being disrespectful, saying: “I hope your mum gets the same respect.”

Charley argues back: “I was just saying that I was just charging my phone and now I’ve moved [to another parking] space.

“Maybe people don’t like your music because it’s really loud.”

The clip then cuts to an exasperated Charley continuing to argue that the woman’s music is too loud.

The pair continue to brawl as the woman then bizarrely says: “You remember mother Earth? She needs you.”

Charley replies: “I don’t know about all that, but you are playing your music really loudly.”

The woman retorts that there is no law against loud music but adds that pollution has laws.

She then asks Charley in a hoarse voice: “Have you got a home to charge your phone in?”

Charley shouts back that she doesn’t as she is on holiday as the woman interjects with: “What does it matter if I come to your place, go into your house and put fumes in?”

Charley Jenni.
Pictured: Charley Jenni. (C) @charleyjenni from TikTok/Deadline News.

Charley says angrily: “You’re not going to go into my house, though.”

However, the woman then threatens: “I will if you do it to me. I’ll do everything you do to me.”

Charley interrupts her: “But you’re playing your music really loudly, so the rest of the beach can hear you.”

The woman retorts: “I can see your pollution, your filth, your lack of respect. You ain’t Cornish.”

The pair squabble at each other as the woman then says: “F**k you, and your mother hates you as much as you hate me.”

The clip then cuts to show the woman peering out from inside her white van as she says: “Yeah, get away. Get away back to where you f***ing came from or I’ll get the Cornish on you.

“So, you better f**k off quick.”

Charley claims that moments later, the shoeless woman then attempted to place a carrier bag over her car’s exhaust and breathe in the fumes.

The camera then flashes to show the woman back at the car as she says menacingly to Charley: “Manners make it a battle, so learn the words before you speak s**t.”

She continues the nonsensical speech: “And one love, s**t is good. It makes compost.”

In a shock twist the woman adds: “I love you. I forgive you. One love. Your poor mother.”

Shocked, Charley replies: “I don’t love you.”

The stranger outside the van.
Pictured: The unknown woman gesturing that Charley is crazy. Credit to @charley.jenni from TikTok/Deadline News.

The woman grows angry again as she says: “Learn the words, don’t be so thick. Grow up. Don’t be a baby. Just respect your elders. ”

She appears to walk away in disgust before returning moments later.

She slurs her words as she says: “You don’t be demanding it, b***h. Your mother receives respect because she’s your mother. I’m a mother. I’m well older than you.

“Learn about elderly respect.”

Charley attempts to interject but the woman continues: “Grow up. Grow up and go home and screw your c**t.”

The clip then shows the woman standing beside her van, making a circular motion with her finger and implying that Charley is crazy.

The camera then cuts Charley as she says: “I don’t know where my keys are at the moment.”

The video quickly pans to the van and back to Charley who adds: “They’re in that van but she literally was chatting to me here, grabbed my keys and ran off.”

Charley took to social media to share the footage on Tuesday, writing: “Not-So-Happy visiting St. Ives Day, a lady stole my car keys”.

The video received over 20,500 likes and more than 140 comments from users left bemused by the woman’s actions towards Charley.

One person said: “I hope you’re okay and got your keys back. She looks interesting.

Another said: “OMG, Charley. I live in Hayle and I can’t believe someone would speak to you that way. Can’t wait for the story time.”

Another commented: “Girl, that woman. How did you stay calm? I would have lost it.”

A fourth added: “I hope she didn’t taint your thought of our lovely county. To be honest, Hayle isn’t the nicest of places. Come towards the lizard, we’re nice here.”

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