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Shocking video shows teen thugs smashing windows and swiping booze in brazen attack on shop

A SHOCKING video shows a group of teenage thugs smashing shop windows and swiping booze in a brazen attack on a local store.

Staff at Mamma’s International Food Store in Basildon, Essex were left fuming after incidents involving a troupe of trouble-making teens earlier this month.

CCTV cameras captured teenage girls first sneaking bottles of alcohol into their handbags, before a group later returned that evening to batter the shop’s doors and windows.

Footage shows the group of four girls inside the shop, standing in the wine and beer section seemingly weighing up their options.

The thieves can then be seen grabbing cans of alcohol and stuffing them inside their handbags, with two of the girls using their hair brushes to cover the stolen booze in their bags.

The girls seemingly return later to steal more alcohol, although this time they are confronted by shop staff – which results in a group of their friends launching a violent attack on the shop windows.

Exterior CCTV footage shows the hooligans kicking at the shop in an apparent attempt to free the thieving girls inside.

The violent thugs, several of whom ride bikes, take it in turns to kick at the door, whilst onlookers watch in horror.

The group of around 13 teens watch as each pal boots the door with force, shaking the shop front as one lifts his t-shirt over his head to shield his face from cameras.

The girls inside can then be seen crawling out of the broken window on the shop door, before the group disbands and the girls and thugs flee.

Mamma’s International Food Store took to social media later that evening to share the shocking footage.

The group outside.
Amongst the teenagers were adult onlookers. (C) Mamma’s International Food Store.

They wrote: “Kids stolen[sic] alcoholic drinks and damaged front door of Mamma’s International Food Store, Westgate Park, Basildon.

“If you can identify them, please provide details. Crime reference:42/106915/23.”

The post received over 80 likes and more than 100 comments from shocked locals left reeling at the horrific attack.

Alison O’Sullivan wrote: “Same lot that were causing a scene and screaming at police yesterday outside Primark.”

Donna Ward said: “Unfortunately, one of the women is a fully grown woman who enjoys this sort of behaviour.”

Sheena Pollard commented: “So bad. The store watchers are lovely people.

Teen girls stealing alcohol.
Meanwhile, teenage girls were stealing alcohol inside the shop. (C) Mamma’s International Food Store.

“I always go there with my baby…terrible kids. I hope their parents will discipline them.”

Sasha Marie wrote: “Disgusting behaviour, hope their parents see this. As for the other adults just standing around – they should have been on the phone to 999 for an active crime.

“Society today is f***ing dreadful. Standing around while someone’s life works being damaged and stolen.

Speaking to Mamma’s International Food Store today, they said: “They were previously banned from the shop for stealing as well. They had been warned not to come to the shop again.

“They came back after three hours and stole more alcoholic drinks. There were over ten children in the gang.

“When they got caught, they damaged the front door and ran away with the drinks. This is like an everyday incident and we can’t run the business peacefully.

One of the vandals.
One of the vandals was caught lifting up their shirt in an apparent attempt to conceal their identity. (C) Mamma’s International Food Store.

“The underage kids try to purchase cigarettes and drinks and when refused, they shout at us, steal things and cause damage. It’s really frustrating to know that there’s no way to control this.”

Essex Police have confirmed that no arrests as of yet have been made.

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