About the Highland Titles Trust

Scotland is renowned for its attractive scenery and wild places and has a huge diversity of landscapes, habitats and wildlife. Scotland’s heritage is its wildlife, habitats, landscapes and natural beauty. This is what makes Scotland special.

The Highland Titles Charitable Trust for Scotland, a Guernsey registered charity, CH444, owns Highland Titles Ltd, which works in Scotland to conserve and protect nature. Others may just hold out a begging bowl for the taxpayer to fill with government funding or lottery grants. We make our own money and commit to:

  • promote and care for the Scottish natural heritage
  • help people enjoy it responsibly
  • promote its sustainable use, now and for the future
  • enable greater understanding and awareness of it

Highland Titles Ltd owns and operates the Highland Titles Nature Reserve, and supporters around the globe have committed to support our vision by purchasing souvenir plots of land. Now isn’t that more fun that getting a membership card?

The Highland Titles Nature Reserve Facebook Page

The Highland Titles Nature Reserve Facebook Page

The Nature Reserve has a loyal following on Facebook and it attracts visitors from all four corners of the world to this iconic Scottish Glen, where local Glencoe businesses offer them a traditional Highland welcome and money off deals as well!

Every year members converge on Glencoe for a céilidh and a chance to catch up on conservation progress. Visitors to the Highland Titles Nature Reserve are met by local volunteers and shown to their wee bit hill and glen.

The Highland Titles Charitable Trust for Scotland is a charity registered in Guernsey, Charity Number CH444.

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