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Brit tells hilarious story of how he heckled James Acaster – with a spot-on impression of the comedian

A BRIT has told the hilarious story of the unique way he heckled James Acaster – with a spot-on impression of the comedian.

Tommy Moore was in attendance at Acaster’s Hecklers Welcome tour in Camden Roundhouse, London last month when the comedian addressed the crowd with a story.

The 25-year-old, being a keen fan of Acaster, 38, seized his chance and belted out an uncanny impression of his idol, leaving the theatre in stitches and the comedian bemused.

Tommy told of his story in a video which he introduced with: “I have a little story time about how I managed to do my impression of James Acaster for James Acaster; it was a very cool moment.

“I went to his show which is called Hecklers Welcome – it’s basically like a kind of show where he gets used to hecklers calling stuff out.

“Most of the hecklers are terrible but I thought this would be a good opportunity for me to shout my impression out and see if he likes it.

“So, I’m sat there its in the second half, I’m a bit nervous in the first but he starts doing this joke where he’s like -“

Tommy then switches into character with a brilliant impression of the eccentric comedian’s delivery.

He says: “Well, I knew me and my girlfriend were perfect for each other when she told me that she’d taken a picture of a horse, a meme of a horse to the hairdresser to describe what she wanted done to her hair.

“I wonder if anyone’s ever taken a meme of me to the hairdresser, you know I’ve been in a few memes.”

Tommy then returns to his own voice saying: “Instantly my ears pricked up, I was like ‘I know the meme he’s talking about’.”

Tommy then switches back to his impression to recount Acaster’s routine, continuing: “I’m sure they showed a picture of it and then ended up with a haircut like Paul Hollywood.

“I’m sure you guys know the meme I’m talking about.”

Tommy then says in his voice: “I’m like, yeah, I do know the meme, so there’s a brief pause and then I go – ‘Started making it. Had a breakdown. Bon Appetit’.”

Tommy then describes the crowd’s reaction saying: “Everyone in the crowd lost it, laughing so hard and James was like: ‘Yeah, that’s what that moment needed.

“‘That moment was missing subtext – I’m very glad that you provided that. Although, very good impression – really good impression – unless you just sound like that in which case I’m very sorry’.”

Continuing to recall Acaster’s reaction in the uncanny likeness, Tommy revealed the comedian said: “‘I’m trying my hardest not to pretend that really didn’t annoy me, that really did.

“‘The fact that you did that so well has really p***ed me off’.”

“That’s actually a really solid impression, I don’t know how I’m going to get back into my stuff now.”

Tommy shared the video to TikTok last month with the caption: “I did my impression of James Acaster for James Acaster.”

The clip has since received over 2,000 likes and dozens of comments from users left in stitches by the eerily accurate impression.

One user wrote: “Went to see James last night and he didn’t do the bit about him being a meme! Maybe he knew it had peaked.”

Another said: “I was in the audience and instantly knew it was you saying it.”

A third commented: “He must have been like ‘what?!'”

Another wrote: “Life = made.”

Speaking today Tommy said: “The crowd absolutely loved it and James was slightly bemused but ultimately enjoyed it.

“I’ve been doing the impression for about two years now.

“Been a big fan of his for ages. I really enjoy silly humour but that remains quite clever.

“His special Repertoire, I think, does that perfectly and ties itself together really well.

“I also adore his panel show appearances, especially his stories on Would I Lie To You.

“I have a special fondness for the tale about a bush in Basingstoke.”

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