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Hilarious video shows Brit tricking his friend to visit “worst restaurant in London” – with surprising results

A HILARIOUS video shows a Brit tricking his friend to visit the “worst restaurant in London” – with some surprising results.

Harrison Webb decided to prank pal Sebastian Gomez with a trip to Ristorante Roma in Leicester Square, West London – an Italian eatery with just 1.5 stars out of five on TripAdvisor.

Despite 130 of its 179 ratings being “terrible”, and the duo being charged an eye-watering £27 for three tap waters, Harrison, 26, was left astonished by his mate’s final verdict of the restaurant.

The video begins with Harrison saying: “I took my friend to the worst restaurant in London and didn’t tell him.

“People were complaining and they even made us switch tables while eating, would you eat here?

“The twist of this video, I’m not going to tell him we’re going to the worst Italian restaurant, I’m just going to ‘forget’ to tell him and see what he does.”

The clip then cuts to Harrison meeting an ecstatic Sebastian as they shake hands and embrace before heading off to the restaurant.

The video then transitions to the pair inside the restaurant as Harrison says “Got the drinks, cheers”, before the pair clink their glasses together and Sebastian adds: “Cheers.”

Harrison then says “A little taste test” as the pair silently sip their alcoholic beverages before Sebastian gives his verdict.

Sebastian says: “One out of five British flags.”

Later, the food arrives to their table, consisting of a penne arrabbiata for Harrison whilst Sebastian opts for a margherita pizza and a truffle tagliatelle.

The video shows the pair trying to eat the pasta, as Sebastian struggles to fit it into his mouth, resulting in much of it falling out.

However, Harrison’s American pal then surprisingly says: “This is delicious, I really like it.”

Harrison asks “Yeah?” before Sebastian says: “Genuinely.”

Next, Sebastian can be seen grappling with the very cheesy margarita pizza as he pulls it apart saying: “It’s so cheesy, I’m burning my hand.

“You brought me to little Italy, I don’t know what this place is.”

Harrison duly responds: “This is Italy.”

Sebastian says: “This doesn’t even count as Little Italy.”

“Yes, it is”, says Harrison.

Despite his apparent love for the food, Sebastian appears to be unimpressed by the general standards, saying: “No. Bro, I don’t even know what to say, I’m in shock bro.”

The video then shows the pair carrying their plates to another table after bizarrely being made to move table mid-meal.

Harrison can then be seen evaluating the receipt – which came to £90 in total – as he shockingly reveals: “We’ve got three tap waters on there for £27.”

Finally, the video shows the pair walking out of the restaurant as Sebastian says: “It was delicious.”

Harrison then says to his friend: “Seb, I have something to tell you. So, I took you to the worst rated Italian restaurant.”

Sebastian then laughs and screams: “I effing knew it. There’s no way.”

Harrison uploaded the clip to social media on Friday with the caption: “I tried the worst reviewed restaurant in London.”

The video has since received over 16,500 likes and dozens of comments from shocked users.

One user wrote: “I thought it’s illegal to charge for tap water?”

Another commented: “Poor Seb is not gonna wanna go back to London.”

A third said: “Please don’t tell me you paid £27 for water.”

Another replied: “This is actually a very funny prank.”

A fifth commented: “You brought the nicest guy that even if he was brought the absolute wrong meal, he’d eat it with a smile.”

Harrison Webb. Credits: Instagram.

Speaking today Harrison said: “My friend Sebastian Gomez surprised me with a spontaneous trip to London, reaching out on the day he arrived.

“It had been years since we last met, so we decided to catch up. We went to Bondi Green by Daisy Green, one of my favourite places to enjoy a delightful meal.

“We ordered a variety of small plates, including steak, chicken, and pizza, along with a few margaritas to share.

“Sebastian absolutely loved the experience, which gave me the idea to purposely take him to the worst restaurant in London to see how he would react.

“A few years prior, I visited The Palace Cafe (the worst restaurant in London at the time) with my brother for a YouTube video.

“However, as I checked TripAdvisor to see if any new contenders had emerged, I stumbled upon Ristorante Roma, which is the one I took Sebastian to.

“Interestingly, I found out that they rebranded due to poor reviews, hoping to fool unsuspecting tourists in Leicester Square again.

“Deliberately heading to a bad restaurant knowing what you’re in for is a really odd thing to do, but I always try to be extra polite and not let anything bother me.

“Our order consisted of two mojitos, a Fanta, penne arrabbiata, truffle mushroom tagliatelle, and a margherita pizza.

“The pizza (£14.95) was a disappointment, the saying ‘even bad pizza is good pizza’ was proved otherwise by this place, it was drowning in cheddar cheese and grease on top.

“The arrabbiata (£14.95) was passable but tasted like a diluted store-bought sauce with some chopped peppers thrown in.

“The mushroom tagliatelle (£17.95) lacked any trace of truffle, I had expected at least a hint of truffle oil, but there was none to be found.

“Sebastian was gracious enough to express his enjoyment, but I remained unconvinced. The Fanta (£4.95) – I don’t think even Michelin star restaurants charge that much for a soft drink.

“The Mojitos (£13.90 each) – I couldn’t taste any alcohol it just tasted like a mint-flavoured sprite.

“While we were eating, a family of six arrived, and we were asked to move tables.

“It was unclear why they couldn’t have simply added a table on to the table next to us, but thankfully we recorded it as proof.

“As expected, we waited a while for the bill, observing other diners voicing complaints and leaving half-eaten plates behind. I don’t see myself returning unless it’s to play a prank on someone else.

“However, I doubt we’d be welcomed back, so I’ll keep an eye out for the next worst-rated restaurant.”

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